What is GURPS? It means "Generic Universal Role-Playing System. It's an RPG system with rules that can be used in any scenario. From stone age to space travel, from adventures of superheroes to a mission in World War I, all can be played with GURPS. Such books are intellectual property of Steve Jackson Games.

What is GURPS Melendor? This is a scenario that you can use in yours GURPS adventures. Despite the Norse mythology as a source of inspiration, it isn't an attempt to reproduce such myths. It could be described generically as a "medieval fantasy" for having monsters, wizards and heroes. However, we tried to do not repeat some buzzwords, such as the dualism of good x bad. Read, and learn more.

Melendor is a large continent in the world of Midgard, which in Norse mythology is a new realms of existence, the realm of humans (ie, Earth).

GURPS Melendor is not a supplement official SJ Games. It is a free initiative of the author and, at least until now, free.

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It does little more than 27 years Midgard passed the moment of greatest suffering in its history. Controlled by religious orders who wanted to expand their faith, nations went to war. In the beginning, there was a brief and localized conflict, however, the battles have spread everywhere for decades. Hand in hand with them also walked hunger crops burned, suffering from disease, cold for the homeless, the fear of uncertainty and certainty of fear.

To finish this scenario of horrors, an alliance was formed. The magicians of all countries and from different races came together. Initially, they attacked the weakest point of the religious faithful. Convincing them to give up the worship of the gods, the power of clerics and priests has declined. The promise of a better future led many to support these measures. To ensure that peace came earlier, the Mages Guild was founded. With it, the exchange of the arcane secrets has increased as the number of apprentices. So the mages became numerous and powerful. Moreover, they formed an army to enforce peace treaties fair.

With the end of the conflict, the Mages Guild has not rested. For peace is maintained, they must remain on guard, watching over possible expansionist rulers and other offenders. Maybe it costs a few lives, but all peace has its price. Recently, the gods to mortals told that the world will end because of the wizards. Is it true?

On this page you will find:

- The pantheon of Midgard - inspired by the Norse gods. There is their history, their religious orders and rules for magic and divine powers.

- The History of Midgard - millennia from creation to the supposed end.

- The geography of Midgard - detailed maps with topography, climate, cities, and other information.

- The societies of Midgard - are different kinds of governments and economies (as savage barbarians, feudal monarchies and aristocratic republics). Their technological levels range from those that are still in the Bronze Age, to the beautiful and newly created steam engines and lethal powder. Besides you will found the description of cultures and languages.

- The races of Midgard - your characters may belong to dozens of types of races. Some other classic and totally new. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, minotaurs, centaurs, dwarfs, nagas, mysdras and moguls are just a small example of this diversity.

- The organizations of Midgard - there is a description of the religious orders of the Guild of Mages (and factions) of the Merchant Guild Goblim the killers known as Disciples of Kaleh, among others.

- The martial arts of Midgard - there are several types of martial arts, with or without weapons, developed specifically for this world and based on rules of GURPS Martial Arts.

- The bestiary of Midgard - domesticated and wild animals, monsters, demons and their mounts to be humanoid or adversaries.

- Besides all this, you will find new advantages, disadvantages, skills, perks, spells, equipment, alchemical potions and more.

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Art: Keren Beyit

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